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Spray Roof Insulation

Does your Asbestos Roof look tired,
and the space unused because of
cold and condensation?

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CorkSpray can completely encapsulate both sides of your roof space

First, we clean down your roof using the most appropriate method, pressure wash, steam, or chemical depending on the Asbestos type and the degree of staining.

The roof will be assessed for cracks and any broken areas repaired, as well as bolt holes sealed before the basecoat goes on.

Spray Cork is a remarkable insulator against Hot or Cold ingress. Your space will be Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer. Spraying both sides to toatally encapsulate will reduce the substrate temperature by 50% which keeps the work space cool in summer.

Cork retains a degree of elasticity, meaning it is resistent to cracking, so even when the roof expands and contracts, CorkSpray will remain in tact.

Cork will prevent condensation droplets which can damage stock, or cause a nuisance to your workforce.

Our coating will adhere to any surface and all data sheets can be found on the downloads page.

Cork is also fireproof, and has no VOC's or burn off gasses.

We have an extensive colour range and in certain cases we can supply RAL Colour Specification Mixes


Before and after CorkSol
Roof insulation solutions

How to apply for your RoCL Tax Incentive

Once you have read the RoCL document, decide how you want to progress, whether you use us as your one stop solution, or use your own team to recover the tax from HMRC.

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