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Natural Spray Cork 




The revolutionary natural

breathable building coating

SprayCork is an advanced replacement for traditional

surface coatings, both internally and externally.







BuildIt Winner in Insulation Innovation
dampness and condensation problems
Condensation problems

Spray cork is the perfect replacement for traditional insulation systems. It provides External Wall Insulation and Sound Insulation in one application.The coating is 100% breathable, and this waterproof membrane is crack resistant for a greater durability.

Internal wall insulation...
Thanks to the natural insulative quality of cork, walls
can also be insulated from the inside. 4mm coating of
fine-grain cork spray plus a 3mm skim of plaster will provide effective insulation without any bulky panels.

Stop condensation on walls...

If you’re tired of the constant battle with condensation on internal walls, and the further problems of damp and mould that come with it, it’s time to put Corkspray to the test. Our innovative SprayCork coating stops moisture in walls and condensation build-up when all else has failed.


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