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Conservatory Roof Insulation...

Dan close up spraying.jpg

...creating a real living space

CorkSpray will thermally insulate your conservatory roof to create that extra usable living space.

Conservatories are notoriously cold in the winter, and often too hot in the summer.

They also become cold and damp with condensation the main issue with many households.

So what do we do that’s different?

Cork is one of the best known insulators of heat known in existence.
It not only keeps heat in, but it absorbs heat without transferring the heat to the other side of the substrate.

So it keeps the roof space cooler in summer and therefore the room is cooler. Corkspray apply this product by compressed air, and spray the coloured material directly onto the roof surface.

CorkSpray will stick to any surface for ever! And it is crack resistent.
It is excellent at closing thermal bridges... gaps and spaces in your roof
space which cause draughts.

The roof is encapsulated in a closed envelope which allows natural breathing and eliminates condensation.

Understanding Condensation
Moisture and droplets of water appear when the differential of outside temperature and internal temperature is greatest. So, if its -5˚c outside, and 20˚c inside, this differential will cause moisture to appear in the warmer space. Increasing the internal temperature only creates more moisture and dampness and condensation occurs. So, think of wrapping a blanket around your external roof space and possibly internal structures, you then add thermal insulation which drops the thermal divide of temperature to controlled levels which will not create moisture.

Corkspray have over 30 different colours to choose from.

Sound Insulation
A Corkspray insulated roofspace will also cut down the acoustic noise levels by as much as -12db, making those heavy spells of rain more acceptable to the ears.

Cost and Maintenance
You will be surprised how quick and effective this process is.
Your conservatory will be transformed in 2 days, and nearly
80% cheaper than conventionlly lining and tiling your space.
Plus, its guaranteed for 25 years.

Roof coated close up.jpeg

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