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CorkSol insulation render

energy saving...

durable wall sealing solutions
dampness problems

High Durability

Highly durable and flexible coating to prevent cracking (and reduce complaints).

Washable and easily resprayed in without patching

Super Adhesive

When it’s on, it stays on covering a range of surfaces, including brick and stone, glass, wood, plastics and a range of iron and steel metals.

external wall solutions
towerblock sealing solutions

Patch Repairs

Patch repairs possible (avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering). We can over spray your existing rendering and eliminate future cracking. The only coating which can do this on the market.

towerblock damp issues

Thermal Performance

Strong thermal insulator which eliminates thermal bridges. This removes all draughts, and keeps your building in a breathable envelope therefore you save on heating and cooling costs.

towerblock dampness solutions

Good Sound Insulation

Reduction in noise and vibrations by up to 12dB. This is particularly good for Static Homes, Caravans, or ceilings between flats and housing blocks.

external wall moisture problems

Fire Resistant

(Euro-class B safety rating), water resistant and breathable (this helps prevent mould and damp, gives people a healthier living and working space).

External Wall Insulation

Is your property looking tired with dirty marked rendering, water stains,
moss and general wear and tear?

Corkspray can overspray your existing rendering with a textured breathable coating which is completely waterproof.
And it can be done in as little as two days!

CorkSpray is a new sustainable eco thermal weather barrier designed to stay elastic, so it wont crack!
If your conventional rendering has already cracked, you should call us before its too late, as cracks will eventually cause the render to totally fail and fall off.

But the real benefit of CorkSpray solution is its thermal efficiency. When we seal in the walls we completely close off all thermal barriers, where the draughts come from. This creates a thermal envelope around your home, which keeps it warm, and saves you heating costs.

Don't worry about this sealed membrane causing dampness. Cork is a natural element, and any previous dampness will be allowed to escape, leaving your home dry and safe.

CorkSpray will also eliminate condensation in your property.

Before and after CorkSol render
wall moisture solutions
external wall condensation problems
external wall sealing solution

Examples of damp and broken rendered renovations, all oversprayed with CorkSpray

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external wall moisture solutions
external wall sealing

Previous Wall and Roof Projects
CorkSpray can quickly and effectively transform your property in as little as 2 days.
We are approved Master Level Corksol Applicators, and this remarkable technology will quickly start to dry out your damp patches.

This is not a damp proofing course,
its a Breathable and Waterproof membrane which assists in the dry out process.

Before and after CorkSol render

Why cork has become the number one solution when considering your rendering projects.

Cork is natural and Eco friendly. No trees are cut down to produce cork.
CorkSol supply this ground breaking coating which comes in over 30 colours and a variety of render sizes, so now you can have a
wonderful rendered building which is now Thermally wrapped, Waterproof and Breathable. And, cork does not burn!

If your house is damp and has condensation, CorkSpray can eliminate this with our revolutionary coating methods.
CorkSpray can also enhance your roof insulation by closing all 'thermal bridges' making your home much warmer and saving you energy.

Plus, your home will look like new again. Finished in half the time of conventional rendering systems.

Kevin McCloud likes Cork
CorkSol Innovation Awards
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