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Houses for Life

Houses for Life is a solution for empty damp homes

 Damp & Condensation removed permanently

Spray Cork Insulated Homes

Award winning Zero Carbon Heating & Hot Water Systems

Social Fuel Poverty tackled head on

Maintenance Free for Life

Houses for Life is a solution for empty damp homes

Homes and Offices insulated with SprayCork are around eight times more thermally efficient than buildings using  traditional lime or sand renders. This means that average amount of energy that a household or commercial property uses on a daily basis will be considerably reduced.

Corkspray are offering a unique combination of retrofit options to take your empty housing stock and revitalise it into a warm and affordable home, free from dampness, Carbon Free, and 100% maintenace free.

What is
for Life?


Stop Dampness and Condensation for good

At last, a new award winning innovation to remove and control dampness and mould. Spray Cork Insulation from CorkSpray will not only insulate your property, it will eliminate the problem and it is guaranteed for 25 years.


External Spray Cork Insulation and Render system

Our insulation can be applied externally as a waterproof, breathable render. Plus, it will not crack. Available in many colours or specials, it adds many other benefits in one application. Fire Proof, Salt Air Proof, Sound Proofing <12Db. Transforms the buildings appearance and insulates at the same time...


Making Hot Water

Phase Change Battery Storage works like a combination boiler, but it uses no gas or electricity if it has a charge in its battery storage. It is over 4 times better than the best conventional boilers as it retains heat for up to 48 hours from a single cycle. Assist with Solar PV and Wind Paddles to get offgrid energy reductions. A true replacement for a gas boiler with no carbon or maintenance... ever.


Internal Spray Cork Insulation with breathable plaster

We insulate all external facing walls and ceilings with spray cork, them skim finish with our crack free brethable plaster finish. The final solution is only 8mm thick and eliminates all thermal bridging. Saves 30.4% on energy.


Houses for Life
Zero Maintenance Heating

First of all, we dont need tanks, pipework, radiators or gas. So we remove all of them. This is now a carbon free home to build our innovative hot water and heating system. Less damage due to leaks, no wasted energy and mains pressure hot water on demand.


Heating specific rooms

Until now, heating systems have to heat the loop of pipework in your home until you finally get warm radiators. This process wastes money. We warm only the rooms you need, quickly and effectively with no time wasting energy and an APP you can control anywhere anytime. Heat your Home by cost, or by room only. Recognised as a Social Fuel Poverty solution for rising energy cost control.

Heat where you need it and no wastage where you don't.
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