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Need a trusted contractor to undertake external rendering? We’re a National based renovation contracting firm offering a friendly and dependable service to property owners, builders and developers. We strive to provide the perfect solution for your rendering project and impartial advice at an honest price. We’re constantly researching new technologies and recommend them when they make sense. We love what we do, some might say a tad too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to each and every job we work on.

Corkspray Plastering Services know that a company such as ours depends upon giving our customers the finest quality service at competitive prices. All rendering work we undertake is guaranteed so you are left with the comfort of knowing that the choice you make is a long-term one!

We have the experience to deliver many external rendering and decorative finishes to protect and enhance the visual appeal of your property or building.

Lime Render

This is traditionally applied to homes to give protection to walls built of poor calibre rubble stone or porous brick or to wall space in exposed areas facing driving winds.

This particular type of render helps by acting like a sponge, absorbing rainfall then allowing it to evaporate instead of soak in to the wall. We can utilise this sort of rendering on both restoration and new build projects.

Sand & Cement

Traditional renders contain sharp washed sand, Portland cement and watered lime. The proportions of each depend on the sort of wall and level of exposure to the weather.

Stainless steel or plastic rendering beads are fixed to edges for protection; bellcast beads are fixed above damp proof course, windows and doors to protect them, and to deflect rainwater.

Coloured Monocouche Render

This is a pre-mixed, cementitious, weather resistant, exterior decorative, pigmented render, suitable for most kinds of brick or blockwork.

This is machine applied allowing for quick application with reduced programme periods, and thus bringing down associated scaffold and site costs.

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