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Plastering in Central Scotland

Corkspray are a conventional Plastering Service company with experienced tradesmen offering all manner of wet and dry plastering solutions, these includes 1 & 2 coat plastering, wet plastering, dot and dabbing and also float and set. With a choice of plastering methods available to us we can fully transform your property to the style you desire.

We pay attention to the details and unique requests of our customers, which leads to high-quality, well priced wet plastering, with happy customers. Being a good plasterer isn’t only about how flat and smooth you can get walls. It is also about being well mannered and respectful in peoples homes, arriving when you say you will, and knowing your complete business inside and out to give the right service, at the right price.

From a single refurbishment to a whole development, Office blocks, Hospitals, Educational facilities, Museums, Hotels, Public houses, Sports arenas, Airports, MOD (Ministry Of Defence), Churches, Railway stations, Mosques, Coach stations, Optitions, Dentist practices, Shopping outlets, Police & Fire stations, Doctors surgerys and Veterinary practices. We’re specialists when it comes to both internal and external wet plastering services, so whether it’s an emergency repair or a full renovation, we can assist you with any plastering query you might have.

Dry Lining

A lower priced alternate to Wet plastering is dry lining, this basically requires the securing of plasterboards to stud walls, brickwork and ceilings. When securing to timber or metal stud walls we work with screws whereas when applying plasterboard to brickwork a special adhesive is used that is called (Dot & Dab). Once the dry lining joints have been taped we then skim the area to produce a smooth finish, this also tends to dry a lot quicker than the conventional plastering techniques.


Skimming is style of plastering that’s performed over plaster that has become damaged, new plasterboards or to cover over artex. Our highly skilled plasterers can provide a 2 coat skimming / re-skimming plastering service which will transform the walls and ceilings in your property with a very smooth and glass like finish which is ready for painting or papering in a couple of days.

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Airless Plastering System

Corkspray can offer you our new plastering system designed to get you a first class finish quickly.

The plaster is sprayed on with a high pressure pump and smoothed down to give you that glass appearance.

And... its white! So you can paint onto it within 36 hours.

Or, why not get us to coat out the walls with high quality Crown emulsion with our Airless Spray System.

This way your room is looking very sharp in a fraction of the time with conventional methods.

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